These poems are mostly about the death of a child and the questions surrounding it.

  • The Cord
  • Death of a Child
  • Only the Best
  • I Lost My Child Today
  • Reflection...A Child Loaned
  • God Had You In Mind

    The Cord

    We are connected, My child and I,
    by An invisible cord Not seen by the eye.
    It's not like the cord That connects us 'til birth
    This cord can't been seen By any on Earth.
    This cord does it's work Right from the start.
    It binds us together Attached to my heart.
    I know that it's there Though no one can see
    The invisible cord From my child to me.
    The strength of this cord Is hard to describe.
    It can't be destroyed It can't be denied.
    It's stronger than any cord Man could create
    It withstands the test Can hold any weight.
    And though you are gone, Though you're not here with me,
    The cord is still there But no one can see.
    It pulls at my heart I am bruised...I am sore,
    But this cord is my lifeline As never before.
    I am thankful that God Connects us this way
    A mother and child Death can't take it away!
    ~ author unknown ~


    Death of a Child

    Sorry I didn't get to stay.
    To laugh and run and play.
    To be there by your side.
    I'm sorry that I had to die.
    God sent me down to be with you,
    to make your loving heart anew.
    To help you look up and see
    Both God and little me.
    Mommy, I wish I could stay.
    Just like I heard you pray.
    But, all the angels did cry
    when they told little me goodbye.
    God didn't take me cause He's mad.
    He didn't send me to make you sad.
    But to give us both a chance
    to be a love so precious .. don't you see?
    Up here no trouble do I see
    and the pretty angels sing to me.
    The streets of gold is where I play
    you'll come here too, mommy, someday.
    Until the day you join me here,
    I'll love you mommy, dear.
    Each breeze you feel and see,
    brings love and a kiss from me.

    By Sandy Eakle


    Only The Best

    A heart of gold stopped beating,
    two shining eyes at rest,
    God broke our hearts to prove,
    He only takes the best.
    God knows you had to leave us,
    but you did not go alone,
    for part of us went with you,
    the day He took you home.
    To some you are forgotten,
    to others just part of the past,
    but to us who loved and lost you,
    the memory will always last.


    I Lost My Child Today

    I lost my child today.
    People came to weep and cry,
    As I just sat and stared, dry eyed.
    They struggled to find words to say,
    To try and make the pain go away,
    I walked the floor in disbelief,
    I lost my child today.

    I lost my child last month.
    Most of the people went away,
    Some still call and some still stay.
    I wait to wake up from this dream.
    This can't be real. I want to scream.
    Yet everything is locked inside,
    God, help me, I want to die.
    I lost my child last month.

    I lost my child last year.
    Now people who had came, have gone.
    I sit and struggle all day long,
    To bear the pain so deep inside.
    And now my friends just question, Why?
    Why does this mother not move on?
    Just sits and sings the same old song.
    Good heavens, it has been so long.
    I lost my child last year.

    Time has not moved on for me.
    The numbness it has disappeared.
    My eyes have now cried many tears.
    I see the look upon your face,
    "She must move on and leave this place."
    Yet I am trapped right here in time.
    The songs the same, as is the rhyme,
    I lost my child.......Today.

    Netta Wilson ~ ~ 1996


    "Reflection...A Child Loaned"

    "I'll lend you for a little time a child of mine," He said,
    "For you to love thee while he lives,
    And mourn for when he's gone.
    He may be six or five or twenty one,
    But will you , till I call him back
    Take care of him for Me?
    He'll bring his charms to gladden you,
    And should his stay be brief,
    You'll have his lovely memories as
    solace for your grief,
    I cannot promise he will stay,
    Since all from earth returns,
    But there are lessons taught down there
    I want this child to learn.
    I've looked this wide world over
    In My search for teachers true;
    and from the throng that crowd life's lanes,
    I have selected you;
    Now, will you give him all your love,
    not think the labor vain;
    Nor hate Me when I come to call
    and take him back again?"
    I fancied that I heard them say
    "Dear Lord, Thy will be done.
    For all the joys the child shall bring,
    the risk of grief we'll run.
    We'll shelter him with tendersness,
    We'll love him while we may,
    and for the happiness we've know,
    forever grateful stay.
    BUT , should the angels call him.
    much sooner than we planned,
    We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
    and try to UNDERSTAND."
    Your sweet and loving baby has gone to OUR FATHER.


    God Had You In Mind

    I know God must have had you in mind,
    When He threw stars across the sky;
    For I can see them twinkling there,
    When I look into your eyes.
    I know He had to be thinking of you,
    When He made the moon and the sun;
    For He knew that they would shine on you,
    As if you were the only one.
    I know when He made the mountains,
    Formed flowers and morning dew;
    When He looked at the splendor of all He'd done,
    I know He was thinking of you.
    When He created humanity,
    You were there on His mind;
    Looking 'cross generations,
    That you would be one of a kind.
    I know when the very first laughter,
    Spilled forth from that wondrous place;
    God knew one day He would hear you laugh too,
    And a smile spread across His face.
    I know for a fact you were on His mind,
    When He gave His only Son;
    For He knew that He would die for you,
    As if you were the only one.
    I know God must have had you in mind,
    Looking down from Heaven above;
    For He knew someday I would need someone,
    And He sent you for me to love.
    Allison Chambers Coxsey


    When somebody dies, a cloud turns into
    an angel, and flies up to tell God
    to put another flower on a pillow.
    A bird gives the message back to
    the world, and sings a silent prayer
    that makes the rain cry. People dis-
    appear, but they never really go away.
    The spirits up there put the sun to
    bed, wake up grass, and spin the
    earth in dizzy circles. Sometimes you
    can see them dancing in a cloud during
    the day-time, when they're supposed
    to be sleeping. They paint the rain-
    bows and also the sunsets and make
    waves splash and tug at the tide.
    They toss shooting stars and listen to
    wishes. And when they sing wind-
    songs, they whisper to us, don't
    miss me too much. The view is nice
    and I'm doing just fine. - Ashley


    Our angel Luijoe... I know in my heart he is alright...
    I have stopped asking why for I know
    Luijoe lives in our hearts
    Our souls entwined
    communicating everyday

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