Favorite Jokes

Luijoe loved to tell "Erap" jokes not to disgrace our President but because he just found them plain funny.Erap is the nickname of our current President Joseph Estrada. Jokes about "erap" are all over the place whether through text messages, E-mail, books etc. Here are some of Luijoe's favorite jokes that he loved to tell us.

Erap buys a ballpen:

Erap: Miss, do you have a ballpen?
Clerk: Sorry, sir we don't have any ballpens
Erap (angry): Why did you name your store "Penshoppe"?

US Doctor: Mr. President, you have a brain tumor.
Erap: hahahahaha
US Doctor: Why are you laughing?
Erap: I'm laughing because in the Philippines I have no brain but here, I have 2 more!

Erap gets really mad when he sees the next sign :"JFK LEFT". "See?" he scolds his driver. "We're so late even the airport left already".

"An angel can illumine the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision, and by bringing within its reach some truth which the angel himself contemplates." ~St. Thomas Aquinas~

"In Heaven, the angelic choir sings, and a bright hosanna of music flows and swells throughout the Holy City. It is the perfect and glorious beginning to an endless day." ~Unknown~

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