Luijoe at 4 years

Written and delivered by Mrs. Bustamante
St. Alphonsus Ligouri Chapel
May 31, 2000

Good Afternoon!

In behalf of the CSR community, administrators, Teachers and staff, we extend our condolences to Atty. and Mrs. Luis Dado and to all who love Luijoe.

I'm Luijoe's teacher- adviser at CSR. A week before the news about his death, my husband and I talked about him. I remembered telling my husband "How I wish our baby would be like smart, witty and very good ideal son indeed.

When we heard the news, we were all shocked. How can that be? He's too young to die...He's like an angel...bringing smiles to the people around him.

But we can not question God's plan... all we've got to do is to cherish our memories with him. Memories of him that make us love him even more.

At his age, you wouldn't believe me if I'll tell you that Luijoe is a "deep" person...and now an angel watching over us.

One time I assigned him to lead the rosary. He was murmuring. One of his classmates told him to speak louder. So loudly but seriously with a big voice he uttered the prayers. At the end of the rosary, all of his classmates clapped their hands. Then, he shouted innocently,"This is not a program..This is a prayer!"

Luijoe at his young age, wanted to be of service to others. I cannot forget his answer to my question ,"What do you want to be when you grow up?" His answer was , "I want to be a fireman!" I asked him again, "Why fireman? Why not a lawyer like your dad?" He replied with determination, "I want to be a fireman because I want to help people".

That is Luijoe at school..a boy with deep thoughts and simple dreams.

So many memories of him..but the most striking for me is his favorite song. He always requested this song before the lesson started. The title of the song is 'Peace like a River".

Here goes...

There is peace like a river
Peace like a river (2x) in my heart
There is joy like a river
Joy like a river (2x) in my heart
There is love like a river
Love like a river (2x) in my heart
There is peace, joy, love like a river
Peace ,joy, love, like a river (2x) in my heart

Striking because he really found "PEACE" mysteriously in water.

He's now at peace with our creator.
Luijoe...thanks for being part of our lives.

~If you pray truly, you will feel within yourself a great assurance, and the angels will be your companions.~ ~Evagrius of Pontus~

"And, behold, the angel of the LORD came upon him, and a light shined." ~ Acts 12:7 ~

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