Favorite Music

Luijoe loved pop music . He would always ask me to download mp3 files of his favorite songs at Napster. Then he would listen and dance to the music. That always made me smile. Here is his mp3 playlist at my computer:

1. Mirror, Mirror- M2M
2. Never be the same again- Melanie C
3. Feeling so Good- Jennifer Lopez
4. Oops I did it again - Britney Spears
5. Bye Bye Bye- NSync
6. Northern Star- Melanie C
7. Dear Lie- TLC
8. How can I not love you- Joy Enriquez
9. Be with you- Enrique Iglesias
10. Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind

I still remember that last day, May 27, 2000 . It was right after we had breakfast and we were at our hotel room getting ready for our glass-bottom boat ride. The video of "Be with you" by Enrique Iglesias was playing at the TV. Luijoe's sisters disliked the video except Luijoe and me. They were yelling at me for being so cheesy but Luijoe sat beside me and said "you like that mama" and I said "yes", and he said " I like it too". Then we both watched it together.

That song is meant for a love song but I can't help thinking about the lyrics because it was the last song we listened together.

Be with you
Enrique Iglesias

Monday night I feel so low
Count the hours they go so slow
I know the sound of your voice
Can save my soul
City lights, streets of gold
Look out my window to the world below
Moves so fast and it feels so cold
And I'm all alone
Don't let me die
I'm losing my mind
Baby just give me a sign
And now that you're gone
I just wanna be with you
And I can't go on
I wanna be with you
Wanna be with you
I can't sleep and I'm up all night
Through these tears I try to smile
I know the touch of your hand
Can save my life
Don't let me down
Come to me now
I got to be with you somehow
(Repeat Chorus)
And now that you're gone
Who am I without you now
I can't go on
I just wanna be with you
(Repeat Chorus)

At school , he always requested this particular song before the lesson started. The title of the song is 'Peace like a River".

Here goes...

There is peace like a river
Peace like a river (2x) in my heart
There is joy like a river
Joy like a river (2x) in my heart
There is love like a river
Love like a river (2x) in my heart
There is peace, joy, love like a river
Peace ,joy, love, like a river (2x) in my heart

It's quite striking as Luijoe's teacher had mentioned during her eulogy because Luijoe really found "PEACE" mysteriously in water.

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